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We envision a world where financial independence is within reach for anyone with determination and a dream. Our vision is to create a global community of empowered individuals who not only transform their own lives but also uplift those around them. Through our direct selling model, we aim to foster entrepreneurship and promote economic prosperity.

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Detergent Liquid(NEPAL)

MRP:  640.00 ₹
DP:  450.00 ₹

Detergent Liquid(INDIA)

MRP:  399.00 ₹
DP:  279.00 ₹

Multi Fruit Face Wash(NEPAL)

MRP:  260.00 ₹
DP:  205.00 ₹

Multi Fruit Face Wash(INDIA)

MRP:  159.00 ₹
DP:  129.00 ₹

Almond Hair Oil(NEPAL)

MRP:  205.00 ₹
DP:  160.00 ₹

Almond Hair Oil(INDIA)

MRP:  129.00 ₹
DP:  99.00 ₹

Anti Dandruff Shampoo(NEPAL)

MRP:  320.00 ₹
DP:  240.00 ₹

Anti Dandruff Shampoo(INDIA)

MRP:  199.00 ₹
DP:  149.00 ₹


MRP:  45.00 ₹
DP:  36.00 ₹


MRP:  75.00 ₹
DP:  60.00 ₹

Red Aloevera juice(INDIA)

MRP:  2500.00 ₹
DP:  1500.00 ₹

Red Aloevera juice(NEPAL)

MRP:  4000.00 ₹
DP:  2500.00 ₹

Multivitamin Capsule (NEPAL)

MRP:  2033.00 ₹
DP:  1220.00 ₹

Multivitamin Capsule (INDIA)

MRP:  1220.00 ₹
DP:  762.00 ₹

Sea Buckthorn Capsule(NEPAL)

MRP:  2832.00 ₹
DP:  1699.00 ₹

Sea Buckthorn Capsule(INDIA)

MRP:  1699.00 ₹
DP:  1062.00 ₹

Panch Tulsi drop

MRP:  238.00 ₹
DP:  200.00 ₹

Panch Tulsi drop

MRP:  149.00 ₹
DP:  119.00 ₹

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